We are registered with the relevant authoritative bodies (LPGAS Association), which enables us to service your needs in domestic and commercial, LP Gas installations.

We are able to install cylinder manifolds and Bulk vessel installations depending on your requirements. These installations range from the sourcing of the correct equipment for your needs (e.g. gas equipment for a restaurant), to the supply of a burner for a powder coating plant or just a small hob in your kitchen – we can help from A-Z.

All maintenance required on a LP gas system we are able to attend to with diligence and professionalism. All installations and maintenance is conducted by SAQCC registered LPG installers.


Why do you need a Registered Gas Installer?

By law (The National Health & Safety Act) only a Registered Gas Installer is allowed to carry out a Gas Installations and in turn, only Registered Gas Installers can issue a Certificate of Compliance. The intention behind this law is to protect your safety and to make sure that the latest standards are complied with.

Why a Certificate of Compliance?

For your insurance, your peace of mind that the installation is safe and done as per the SANS standards.
It is also needed when selling your house to assure the new buyer that all is in order!!

Some of the Industry Regulations:

CYLINDER(s) cannot be placed closer than 1m to a door.
CYLINDER(s) cannot be placed closer than 2m to an open drain or depression, where the gas can gather if the cylinder leaks.
CYLINDER(s) cannot be placed closer than 5m to an electrical switch, motor, generator, pool pump etc.
CYLINDER(s) cannot be placed closer than 1m to the side of a window unless there is at least 300mm between the bottom of the window and the top of the cylinder and a non-combustible roof has been placed between the window and the cylinder.
CYLINDER(s) cannot be placed closer than 1m to a boundary wall, unless the wall is a double brick “firewall” > 1.8m tall, with no ventilation gaps in the wall.