LP Gas

1LP Gas delivered to your home or business – safely, reliably and efficiently. Sure you can buy gas pretty much anywhere, that’s why we focus on doing that well, we pride ourselves on our level of customer service and interaction. We deliver 9kg, 11kg, 12kg, 13kg, 14kg, 19kg, 48 kg, delivery charges are affordable and area specific.

The Gas Family is a family, our staff have worked for us for between 5 and 10 years. Our delivery team have worked for us for a long time and we are confident they are trustworthy and capable. The benefit of this is that we get to know you and your property or business, so you don’t need to oversee us, you phone, we deliver. “You Ring, -we Bring!!”

reliable, safe and trustworthy.

The delivery teams, have been working with us for between 5 -10 years and have proven to be trustworthy and reliable. Each member of these teams has been trained specifically on gas filling which is done each and every year- we make it a point that all of our staff know about our products and how to handle them safely. The training is by a consultant that holds an LPGASA ( LP Gas association of SA) certification.

Please submit a query – we look forward to introducing you to The Gas Family